Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ooops. Minor setback, now corrected

There was a nice interchange after I wrote my first post on the Pump Energy Food with the owner (who I will seek to take up on his lunch offer). It prompted me to go to their website, and I noticed that they had posted nutritional information for a big selection of their entrees. I went ahead and researched my favorite dishes, and discovered a mixed set of results:

1) it turns out they have Regular and Jr. portions. I, of course, was having regular portions. If it seems like a huge amount of food, it probably is.
2) my primary dish, the Lean Body (formerly known as the Lean & Mean) is only 8 POINTS for a regular size (nice!)
3) my secondary dish, the Baseball, is 15 POINTS for a regular. Oooops. Fine for dinner (maintenance POINTS, remember), but way too pricey for lunch. Add on top of that 2 POINTS for the pita is comes with, and we're at 17 POINTS. Definitely too pricey.

What to do? Not complicated. Now that they have nutritional information posted for most of their items, I just had to do a re-scan of the options. I've already had two that I'm pretty psyched about:

1) Chicken & Spinach Twist: 8 POINTS for a wrap (21 g fiber, 140 cal) w/ a nice collection of chicken, spinach, non-fat cheese and tomato sauce. HUGE portion for few POINTS.
2) Turkey Burger Pizza Style: 9 POINTS for a wrap (see above) w/ turkey burger, non-fat cheese, and tomato sauce. Tasty.

So what's my point? 1) I cannot always assume that I can ball-park the nutritional value by scanning (translation: I'm not nearly as smart about this as I think I am). 2) Better and equally satisfying options are always out there. Knowledge is power.

BTW, kudos to the Pump for posting their nutritional info -- definitely a best practice!

I'm still trying to figure out the nutritional content of a Big Arms entree. I'm a little afraid to ask.


  1. lol @ 'im not nearly as smart about this as I think I am' !!! How often do we do this!? Think we miraculously know the points in everything. I know I do it! Thanks for the reiteration that KNOWLDEGE IS POWER! I'm off to find my points calculator from the depths of my work bag.... xoxo

  2. David -

    When shall we get lunch ?

    You can reach me at adam.eskin@pumpenergyfood.com

    I look forward to meeting you.