Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spreading the word on LFG

I love the Lose for Good campaign on a lot of different dimensions, not the least of which is that it's a really good cause and a great incentive to tackle a weight issue. I am also continually amazed by the amount of attention it attracts. Last year, we had more articles covering the campaign than any other event in recent history. We are starting to see the same interest this year. I think this is the result of two big factors: 1) it is a very timely event and 2) the power of our community.

Lose for Good seems to be striking an even bigger chord this year. Today, there is so much discussion about the importance of dealing with the obesity issue and our lack of healthier habits as a nation. In the context of the ever-increasing healthcare bill in the US, there is no shortage of policy makers eager to have a positive impact on the obesity problem. It is a key part of reducing the cost of health care in the US.

I have no doubt that policy makers can make an important contribution to the cause, but the real solution ultimately lies in each one of us. Doctors can guide us, but they cannot fix our weight problems. The government can create policies to encourage weight management, but it cannot fix our individual weight problems. Only we as individuals can solve them, and we all recognize that a weight issue is not such an easy problem to permanently solve. Adopting healthier habits and making them second nature takes some time and effort, and we all face the temptations to quit.

Sometimes we need a little extra incentive and boost of motivation to help us push through and to give us a sense or urgency to succeed. As I mentioned on an earlier post, having this job gives me a great excuse to stay OP. Lose for Good is another fantastic reason to stick with the program. Every pound we lose goes to help both ourselves and someone else. What better incentive to lose weight than the reward of doing some good.

To put it all in context, the two arguably biggest issues facing our country are healthcare and the economy. Lose for Good is a great way to do our part to have a positive influence on both. Solving our own weight and lifestyle challenges is a direct way of helping to fix our healthcare system. Given the recession's impact on so many people, families and children in the form of hunger (example: demand at food banks is up 40% in many communities), the food drives we are running are a great way to help ease the pain of this economic crisis.

Simply stated, Lose for Good is the right idea at the right time. Combine the idea with the power of the Weight Watchers network of service providers (20,000 strong), meetings members and Online subscribers, and we have a campaign with power that is terrifying to behold.

We are already seeing the pickup of the campaign in the press on both a national level and a local level. I did my own little bit yesterday with interviews on CNBC and Fox News. Amusingly, I showed the producer of the Fox News segment my blog, and she had them post my Before & After pictures on the segment. Now I really have to keep the weight off.

Here are the clips.


  1. You are so right - it really is up to us to use the tools we are given and make the change OURSELVES.

    Very informative clips, I love that they used your Before & After pics!

  2. Haha! That was fantastic! I have been telling everyone I know how the celebs for all the other weight loss systems are paid to do it BEFORE they do it, yet Jenny McCarthy joined WW as a result of her mom's suggestion. There is a world of difference in motivation between doing something on your own versus with somebody pushing or paying you. Jenny even tried personal trainers and it didn't work. WW was literally her last resort. It was really good to hear you spell it out on national TV. Also, about 2 months ago I emailed the White House and told them they should incorporate WW into their health care reform as a preventative measure that has the potential to save trillions in future healthcare costs.

  3. Ohhh I'm spreading the word.. did you see? http://bit.ly/pQf3p My readers are totally psyched! especially for the free 3 month giveaway!

  4. You're so right! it's the only thing that's ever worked for me - I was so impressed I joined the company! 48lbs has come off and it's STAYING off thanks to my wonderful Leader Linda and the meeting support.... simply brilliant, and I'd tried anything and everything before Weight Watchers... it's so easy and flexible and I can still eat out, that's the best news!! Elizabeth/UK