Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ask not, give not

It's December 13, there are only 12 days to Christmas, and I have not had a single holiday cookie, handful of caramel popcorn, or slab of holiday chocolate.  Discipline?  No.  Lack of supply is more accurate.  

I'm not sure if it's the economy or a more health conscientious world, but our office no longer gets deluged with holiday treats by various vendors, partners and friends.  There was a time that the middle of December would result in mountains of food being stacked up on seemingly every available horizontal surface in and around our offices.  I have to admit that I always found it a little bit amusing for a vendor or partner to say happy holidays to their friends at Weight Watchers with chocolate/cookie/cheese gift basket the size of a small car.   I also have to admit that I often lacked the discipline not to wade through the heaps of treats.  

This year, not one ounce of holiday food has been sent to any office within a 100 foot radius of my office.  Either that or the recipients are hoarding.  In either case, I've been safe from temptation, and as a result, I have successfully avoided one of my primary December food downfalls.  So to all you Scrooge-like partners on behalf of my waist circumference:  THANK YOU!!!!    

Thinking about this also prompted me to take a look in the mirror to assess my own sabotaging hypocrisies.  Historically, I have usually assumed the role of stocking stuffer for my house.  What I lack in gift giving imagination, I make up for in recognizing that people like sweets.  There is nothing wrong with giving some, but why load up the sock with 4-5 pounds of the stuff?  So this year I won't.  

All of this is very good, but it also raises a question.  Are we taking all of the fun out of the holidays by being so bloody conscientious?  Watching the new Christmas Carol movie with my family a few weeks ago, I was reminded of the time held tradition of eating and being merry on Christmas (my holiday of choice).  Am I turning into a health-freak Ebenezer Scrooge?  Wasn't the Grinch the guy who stole all of the holiday food and tried to ruin Christmas for the Who's?  

The answer always seems to come back to moderation and duration.  It is worth noting that Bob Cratchit came back to work the day after Christmas (albeit with kind of a self-inflicted head ache).  The Who's celebrated and feasted on Christmas day.  There was no indication that it was a week-long Bacchanalian bender.  Therefore, would it not make sense to seek to match the quantity of treats given to the approximate duration of the holiday?  

In summary, I (Santa) will happily include a reasonable dose of chocolate in the stocking mix, just not a ton of it.  BTW, I hope I get some too.  Either that or I can at least count on some zero-POINTS lumps of coal.  


  1. I think you are right on! A little bit goes a long way. You are not a grinch by any means just a person trying to do the best they can with the choices put in front of us. We can either engage in sloppy eating and stop exercising for the next 3 weeks and fall asleep in front of the TV like a slug OR motivate to hit the gym and try to inspire others. There is nothing wrong with lapse this holiday season just as long as we dont collapse. Just my thoughts on your thoughts. Thanks for being so thought provoking. Happy Holiday Seasons!

  2. I believe in enjoying very small amounts of very very high quality chocolate. But mostly what I like in my stocking is... socks. (not kidding!)

    My husband and I have a tradition of drinking Bailey's Irish Cream while trimming the tree. The other day as we passed a big display of BIC bottles, he sort of sighed, like, "I guess we won't be doing THAT this year."

    Tonight is tree-trimming night. I just stopped at the store and got our annual bottle. I'm counting it in my 35 weekly pts. Just because we're on WW does not mean we need to give up beloved traditions. Right? :-)

  3. You make me super duper, full grinned smiles...

    This is one of the best blog posts ever...that is all.

  4. I'm an "its ok in moderation" kind of gal myself. :) That being said, I try my hardest to only eat the best when I indulge. Ok, so I don't actually import chocolate from Belgium, but I DO make sure I really want the thing I'm about to indulge in. I don't eat the Little Debbie holiday cakes just because they are there, but if I want a square of Grandma's homemade fudge then I go for it.

    And then hit the pavement :) Happy Holidays!

  5. this is funny b/c i was just telling my mother that our office has had ZERO treats this year. normally as a real estate firm we are bombarded by title co's, lenders and the like bringing by platters of food - but this year nada. finally one day i looked up from my laptop and said bah humbug where is the Christmas spirit ie. chocolate?! it's been nice since I insanely started WW Nov 1st - but still. unfortunately we have lost the will of moderation - it's all or nothing and that part is sad.