Sunday, July 11, 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles. Getting a plan for a whacky travel week.

(me in about 6 hours -- hoping for a volcano free ocean hop)

I've got a crazy week in front of me (as of right this minute on Sunday morning).  I'm getting in a car and heading off to the airport at 2 PM, and I've got a 5:30 flight to Stockholm, Sweden.  The lineup this week is fairly harried:

  • Fly out tonight and get into Stockholm at 7:30 AM
  • Spend Monday at International Obesity Conference (ICO).  Give speech.
  • Fly out Monday night at 9 PM to London
  • Spend Tuesday in London doing media interviews about some amazing research we are presenting this week
  • Fly out Tuesday night to Boston
  • Take a morning train on Wednesday to spend the day with our team in Providence, RI.  Give a town hall meeting with local staff.
  • Take train back to NY area Wednesday night
Not looking for sympathy on this craziness as I love everything I am participating in over these three break-neck days.  However, from a healthy life perspective, I am going to have to manage a few challenges:
  1. No sleep.  5:30 PM red-eye flights to Europe are just flat out harsh.  I'm not expecting to get much more than 3 hours sleep tonight.  I will be running around pretty furiously on Monday, so that should help me from sudden narcoleptic fits.  However, no sleep = mindless eating risk zone.  
  2. Airplane travel.  I've talked about this one a thousand and twelve times, yet I still have fairly atrocious eating habits on planes.  
  3. No workout on Monday.  Horrors!!!!  What if my limbs fall off from lack of use?
So what's an overwrought, type-A guy to do?  Have an awesome plan!  
  • Airplane strategy:  choose the fish-like choice on the flight service.  Don't eat junk in the airport while waiting for the plane.  Skip desert and/or ask for the fruit instead.  No nuts!!!!
  • Train strategy:  see airplane strategy.  In fact, one-up the airplane strategy by skipping the food all together.  I get into NY around 7 PM, so I should be able to hold off until I get a normal meal at home.  Just because they offer the cup-O-nuts doesn't mean I have to take one (or two).  
  • Workout strategy:  my hotel in London's got a good gym.  Further, I'm staying at a hotel in Boston which has a local Equinox gym within walking distance.  That means I get two solid workouts in on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Go me!  
  • Stay busy:  the more I an running around, the better I eat.  Kind of paradoxical somehow, but it's true.  
As I have noted before, summer is a perilous eating time for me, and so is travel.  But neither has to be.  What if this time could be replete with healthy food and abundant exercise that made me feel healthy, happy and well?  It's a positive thought that I will do my noble best to keep in a non-perishable place over the coming week.  

On a side note, I'm listening to my 12 year-old daughter loudly singing with Rick Springfield to Jesse's Girl.  That makes me smile and think even more positive thoughts!  




  1. Whirlwind is definitely an understatement, but it's an incredible feeling to be passionate about what you're doing.

    And I'm willing to bet that you will not lose your limbs if you put them through intense workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. ;)

  2. Maybe the walk at the airport terminal on Monday night will count for some exercise!? Sounds like a busy time! Be sure and get rest on the plane--you'll won't feel the hunger as much. Sounds like an exciting schedule. Would love to hear what you learn at the obesity conference.

  3. Your plan sounds solid! I'm sure you will do fine. I can't wait to hear about the research you are presenting this week!

  4. Awesome plan - specific goals for specific situations is key, I think. My plan for my last vacation was to "stay OP", but I didn't have strategies tailored to the challenges I knew I would face, and I floundered. (p.s. I chaperoned my little sis at a Rick Springfield concert back in the 80s - in the punk-rockish phase I was in at the time it was supreme humiliation, but today I'd dig seeing him again, lol)

  5. Great post, being away from home is always a trial! But if you can do it with how busy you are, there is hope for the rest of us!

    P.s. Your daughter has good taste in music, you must be raising her right!

  6. Can we have a hint on the research? Or when will be able to read about it and where?
    Have a great trip!

  7. Is it possible to take along some healthy you don't get too hungry?

    Preparation is the key.


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