Monday, March 30, 2009

Dumb habits before Weight Watchers

Looking at my before picture has led me to ask the question:  what exactly was I doing to get myself to that state?  Thinking back, here is my list of egregious habits, bad choices, and horrific ignorance (from Chicago to Washington, D.C.)...
  • Ate chinese food twice per week (I really did think it was all healthy).  Kung Pao Chicken was a favorite as was Schezuan Beef.  And egg rolls (2 thank you very much)
  • Ate at Lou Mitchell's which served the most massive omelets I have ever seen
  • The obligatory Chicago stuffed pizza
  • Rocklands BBQ
  • Chicken salad sandwiches (this was a healthy choice)
  • Room service (burger, fries, quesadilla appetizer)
  • Burritos at the Austin Grill (outstanding fare)
I balanced it out by exercising 2 times in a week, once every 3-4 months.  

It was fun while it lasted, but I really don't miss that stuff all that much.  Every once-in-a-while, I will dive back into a nostalgic calorie train wreck.  I just don't do it every day for every meal.  

In the scientific world of weight management, the concept of having a splurge from time-to-time is referred to as "flexible restraint."  It actually works nicely, and I don't feel deprived vs. when I was enjoying "unbridled gluttony."  


  1. "flexible restraint"--Love that term. I don't need to work on the flexible, but the term "restraint" is some how related to the words "Stop and get back on the train." I have missed that train many times!

  2. "unbridled gluttony" - gotta love it....

    I feel so awkward being a man doing Weight Watchers, but I lost 7 lbs in my first week. 2nd week weigh ins are in two days!