Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eating on the road: beware breakfast treats...

This past week, I participated in a series of Weight Watchers (work) meetings with our European and Australian teams.  The event was held at a conference center outside of London.  Wandering in for breakfast, I was presented with two banquet options:  a 6 sq ft assortment of pastry and one wee plate of fruit.  What's kind of scary about this, is that the facility operator knew it was a meeting full of Weight Watchers employees.  I'm not saying that this was a malicious and hurtful act, but...  

Summoning all of my new super powers, I resisted the pull of the scary carbohydrate tractor beam and opted for the fruit instead.  Frankly, the pastries looked a bit soggy and bland, so it wasn't all that much of a hardship.  

Note for the next offsite:  ask the facility operator not to bring in the pastries.  Nobody would notice their absence.  

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