Monday, April 13, 2009

But I do fear airplanes. And hotels.

One of my big learnings at Weight Watchers is to know my weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I feel that I have conquered many weight-related demons, but I also know that they have not all been vanquished. Travel was one of the factors that lead to my weight gain that reached it's apex a decade ago, and it is still a source of difficulty for me today.

I equate travel with the following vices:
  • eating the least healthy option on the flight and always saying yes to desert or cheese
  • poor room service choices
  • overindulgent breakfasts
My diagnosis as to why travel bedevils me: succumbing to temptation while eating alone. Travel often affords the opportunity to enjoy meals in solitude without concern for being seen. It's a common issue for many people who struggle with overeating.

I'm getting ready for a series of overseas trips over the next few weeks and I need a plan. So here it goes...

1) Exercise: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've become regular in my exercise habits. I'm pretty insistent on keeping this behavior when I travel. I look for hotels that have decent exercise facilities and I make it a point to schedule some time each morning to squeeze in my workout.
2) Planning ahead: My game plan tonight will be to eat a healthy dinner before I get on the red-eye to France, sleep on the flight, and completely miss the whole airline food extravaganza (yes, they still feed you on overseas flights). For the days that I am in Europe, I will track my POINTS to keep myself honest. I will be with many other Weight Watchers people, so I also have a built-in support mechanism.

If I have one indulgence, it will probably be on the flight home, but I think I can keep that reasonably in check.

Wish me luck.


  1. LUCK!!! Fab that you're blogging - both personally and corporately - I just stumbled upon it today! I am a UK WW member and FASCINATED by the difference between the US version and UK version of the plan. This I do know: IT WORKS!

    Fly safe

    BFP x

  2. Well I'm just a few weeks behind ... WELCOME TO BLOGDOM ... I've added you to my so I never miss a post.

    I'm back to Lifetime

  3. Traveling does make it difficult to stay on track; good that you're with other Weight Watchers to keep you focused!