Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm pretty!

Sometimes things just come out of my mouth and I'm left scratching my head wondering what I was thinking about.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Fox Business early this morning to talk about Weight Watchers, our competition, the recession, and Valerie Bertinelli. In a manner of speaking, I was asked how we could possibly compete with Valerie's cover on People magazine. In a fit of spastic energy, I offered myself up as a viable alternative. Ugh.

What I really meant was that Weight Watchers is about real change for real people living in the real world. I swear that's what I meant.


  1. Nice interview. I think you should be on the cover of People. What I love about WW is how it's for a real person living a real life with real food - not someone premaking it for you.

    And dude, you scared me with the 2 point gian fudge bar. The fudge bars are only 1 point, right?

  2. Oh, and meant to add... showing you as a face for WW would help all those men who are afraid to go to meetings because they think there are only women there.

  3. Thanks for the People magazine revised cover (grin). You're right, we're real people who are helping inspire others!

  4. Great interview.

    David, I love that you are a LT WW member as the CEO of the company. I think it sets a great example for all staff as well as members and it really is a great advertisment for the program.

    While Valerie may be on the cover of People and advertises Jenny Craig, it may also just get people thinking about weight loss and after checking out the options bring them to WW.

  5. I did miss the interview (will look it up!)but I agree that putting you as the "face of WW" would be a good thing.

    We still have guys coming in and wondering what they are doing in this room "full of women".

    We need to market for the men, they add a new, needed, dimension to our meetings!

    Love the Mag cover, but the bikini is the wrong color for your skin ;op

  6. LOVE IT.

    I'm a WW receptionist, but also a lifetime member (for 4 years now), and I try to attend a meeting once a week - have done since I joined meetings 5 years ago.

    I've had ups and downs, but overall I'm extremely happy with my Weight Watchers experience.

    The interaction between the people (members and staff alike) at Weight Watchers - should continue to be the most vital component of Weight Watchers success, IMO.

    But remember: we did have Fergie ;-)

    Here's my vlog, where I've been doing weekly weigh-in videos since January, I was an overweight child and young adult, and it wasn't until I joined WW that I had a CLUE how to live a healthier lifestyle:

    Love the cover too! LOL

  7. It's unfortunate it was on Fox...

  8. Yeah! What do you expect from FOX!