Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do. On Thanksgiving, anyway.

As all of you (or at least those dialing in from the US) know, this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving.  On this day, I will give thanks to my successful maintenance stretch on Weight Watchers this year by gorging myself like a deranged viking fresh from conquering a village.  Well maybe not that bad...

Here is my view on my personal big holidays (e.g., Thanksgiving and Christmas):  leave them be and mostly forget about the program for the day.  This is not an official Weight Watchers recommendation.  It is merely my choice.  I work pretty hard to be pretty good most of the time, and I have no problem giving myself the day off.  Frankly, I think it is a bit of a relief for those around me as well (see Plastic Bubble post), so I am happy to do my bit for myself and my broader community.

What will this entail this Thursday?:

  • I will enjoy everything put before me, but I give special consideration to starchy concoctions such as stuffing (mmm) and sweet potato casserole (double-mmm).  
  • I see little to no use for vegetables on Thanksgiving.  They take up too much real estate on the plate.
  • I will probably have seconds.  
  • I will enjoy dessert.  
  • I will enjoy the turkey-induced, post-meal coma in front of a football game. 
  • I will enjoy the time with friends and family.
I will also try to make myself feel a little bit better by working out like a crazy person that morning (this has now become a Thanksgiving ritual).  I will also keep it reasonable in the morning and evening.  

Why am I not concerned about this?  A few years ago this would have been an issue, not because of the caloric impact of the day, but rather as it would have been the start of a 30 day campaign to eat my way to a 10-15 pound weight gain.  This year (as was also the case last year), I am treating Thanksgiving as a day, not as an 30 day bridge holiday.  There is very little weight damage that can be done in one day unless it unleashes a month of bad days.  Therefore, Friday, I am back to healthy eating and a sane and sustaining lifestyle.  

As the saying goes, all things in moderation including moderation.  



  1. Great title, David. For those who can maintain control - go for it. I, on the other hand, don't want to chance sabotaging all my hard work, especially after publicly stating that I am thankful for my will power. So my plate will be landscaped with lots of colorful veggies and just a smidgen of stuffing (1/4 cup = 2 points) with some turkey, hold the gravy. No seconds, either. Pumpkin pie? Hmmm...

    Whether you feast or stay on track, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. good call with enjoying the day but keeping to ONE DAY. i, too, plan to workout like crazy in the morning and eat to my heart's content on thursday. i'm really enjoying your blog, by the way :) have a great day!

  3. I'm going to eat the things I really enjoy, and save my points for my uncle's fabulous apple pie!

  4. Great point about not letting one bad day become permission to screw up every day until New Years. Enjoy your Thanksgiving :)

  5. Great post, David. As a WW leader, I sometimes have to remind members that one day of overeating is not the reason we ended up at Weight Watchers. You're an inspiration.

  6. This year for Thanksgiving it's only going to be my hubby and 2 of our kids. So there won't be a ton of food and most of the recipes will be WW recipes. And thankfully this holiday season, he's retired from the Air Force. Which means we don't have a month filled with "mandatory fun" holiday parties to go too !!!!! Only one so far WHEW !!

  7. great reminder of moderation. I am also way scared to eat and stretch my stomach !!!

    Am I unreasonable????