Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lose for Good: tallying part deux

The second Lose for Good campaign is over and the accounting is all done.  It seemed pretty impressive last year, but 2009 blew by 2008 with big gusto.  Just a couple of fun stats from the 7 week campaign:

  • 4 million pounds of weight lost
  • $1 million contribution from Weight Watchers to be shared between Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger for the benefit of children's hunger and health
  • 3,300 volunteer food drives run by our leaders and receptionists:  a 65% increase from last year
  • 2 million pounds of food donated by our members: a 33% increase from last year
I am thrilled by all of the above results, but I am particularly gratified by the kindness and giving of our meetings staff and members.  The gift of time and food during an incredibly tough economic environment has never been more needed, and they responded with amazing energy and commitment.  

The new Person 2 Person food pantry (note the whole grain pasta -- tres filling food!)

I stumbled upon one specific example of this giving last night.  I went to a ribbon cutting event for a food pantry run by an organization I have known for a long time, Person to Person (in CT).  It's a wonderful organization that has long been supporting clients in Stamford and Norwalk, CT in the form of clothing, toys, and most importantly, food.  Last night, they unveiled their new food pantry that will allow people in need to shop as though they were at a store.  It's an increasingly popular and dignified way of helping and getting help when times are tough.  

While I was there, the Person to Person folks informed me that for the second year, they had been selected as the primary beneficiary from the local Weight Watchers meetings in Stamford to get their food donations.  The idea for choosing Person to Person (P2P) came from a staff member of ours who was a prior client of P2P's.  Just in time for the opening of the new food pantry, our staff and members came through with 962.8 lbs of food.  It was karma at it's finest!  

These stories have been happening across the country in equally touching ways.  [I tried to tweet all of the articles covering them, but I finally got swamped by the sheer volume.]  

For all who participated, please accept my very sincere thanks.  




  1. You can imagine how happy I was to donate my 21 pounds of food to the Boca Raton, Florida Weight Watchers. And you know how happy I am to be 21 pounds lighter! Everyone benefited in Lose for Good.

  2. It's great to know that donations were up - right before the drive started, our local paper did a story on how local food pantries needed more than ever, because demand for their services were up. I used that in the meeting room to help demonstrate why this was so important.

  3. This food drive was amazing. Love your honest blog