Monday, January 18, 2010

Spinning Epilogue: You Wouldn't Like me When I'm Angry

Ummm.  It seems that my nice spinning teacher read my blog last week.  She came into the Sunday morning class muttering something about "I'll show you fascism, you communist..."  Or something like that.

She then proceeded the subject everyone in the class to 60 minutes of unadulterated terror with hideous hill climbs which went to hill sprints which led to flat sprints, doing this cycle over and over and over.  All the while she had a disturbing somewhat sociopathic/maniacal grin.  Before the class was over, about five people dropped out.  At one point, I heard a somewhat quiet, but clearly audible muttering of "b&%ch" from two bikes to the right (I've always wondered why more people didn't say that in group exercise classes).

Truth be told, it was a pretty awesome workout and a good testimony to the 50% harder work than cycling alone theorem.  Kind of like people who go to Weight Watchers meetings lose multiple times more weight than people who diet alone (oops, pardon my shameless, self-serving plug!).

So what's the moral of the story?  Talk smack to your spinning instructor.  You just might get an even better workout.  Or you might hurl.  Either way, nothing risked, nothing gained.


  1. Spinning definitely has its scary side! ;-)

    BTW, what are the statistics on weight loss of people using WW online only as opposed to people using WW meetings only?

  2. I've often wondered why you don't hear more name calling in group X too... I know I've thought it.

  3. Did any men who are on WW comment on this information? All I see is comments from women. Now, this is not a put down of women but a comment on a problem I am having as a man attending meetings predominately attended by women. I am beginning to feel a little, no, change that to very uncomfortable with being the only man attending the meeting. Some of the comments and snickers coming from the people in attendance sometimes turn to the subject of my masculinity or lack there of. I whish to state that my sexual leanings are towards the heterosexual and I have no desire to seek romance from another man. That being said, I also respect the men who do seek romance from other men. What I am trying to say is that I need the meetins as the method of accoutablility for maintaining my weight loss. I also look forward rto getting on the scale and seeing that I have been successful this past week in being able to follow the program and lose weight. I have considered just going in for the weighin and leaving. I have tried this in the past and found that i did not achieve success that I have achieved while attending the meetings and being involved in the give and take of the meetin process. I am wondering if any other men have experienced this feeling of isolation (for lack of any other way to explaing what happens)? And if this is the reason that very few men stay attending the meetings?