Friday, May 4, 2012

I am a horrible, traitorous person!

Well, maybe that's an over-statement.  Most days I'm a pretty nice person or at least I am able to intimidate people into saying that.

However, I have to announce a bit of a change.  I am changing blogging engines after three years, and I feel like a bit of a Benedict Arnold.  I started writing this blog on Blogger back in March 2009, and it's been my steady companion ever since.  However, for a variety of reasons I won't share for fearing of horribly boring you, I am making the switch to WordPress.  My technology and web colleagues at the company wanted me to do it, and I was malleable to the request.

To make the change worthwhile, they fancified the new blog a little bit and allowed me to put in all sorts of shameless self promotion for me and my book.  I found that part of the change VERY pleasing.

What does this mean for the people who are kind enough to check out my blog?  Not too much.  The main URL will still be:

However, it will now point to the following URL:

We tried to figure out a solution for those of you on Google Connect, and we couldn't.  That said, the new blog site has a convenient email signup (Feedburner) for getting updates.  If you were getting email updates already, that should port over to the new site without you having to do anything at all.

Many apologies in advance for any hiccups along the way!

To Blogger, I wish you a found farewell and the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!



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